What is the Best Way to Cut Steel?

Cutting steel can be an intense, arduous and sometimes dangerous practice. Regardless of how challenging a metal cutting task might be, every possible safety precaution must be adhered to when working with steel metal cutting equipment. It can be dangerous to handle the materials required for cutting through steel, especially if you don’t know which metal cutting equipment is best for your needs.

Knowing what the best sheet metal cutting methods are can save businesses a significant amount of time and energy. If your business needs to have a steel or aluminium sheet cut to size, but you’re unsure what the best method is, there are various types of metal cutting machinery available to choose from. This blog post will detail a few of the most effective methods below.

cutting machine

Guillotine Cutting

Guillotines designed for sheet metal cutting applications create clean and precise cuts. The sheet metal is placed over a bladed cutting line, and a second blade comes down from above at a specific offset distance. Guillotines come with easy-to-use software that ensures the cuts are as accurate as possible.

Laser Cutting

As the name indicates, laser cutting is a metal cutting practice that uses a laser. This is a very common method due to its accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When deciding which laser cutting equipment to use, you should take into consideration the specs of the equipment to find the right machine for your requirements.

Tube Laser Cutting

Tube laser cutting allows for precise cutting of steel and other metals. A tube laser cutting machine is capable of cutting tube, channel or structural shapes in a single step, making it a time and cost-efficient method.

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