Laser Machines for Cutting Sheet Metal

Why Laser Machines Are Best for Cutting Sheet Metal

Laser cutting services are one of the most effective sheet metal cutting methods available. Sheet metal laser cutting is a commonly used technique in the metal fabrication sector that offers many advantages. Here are some reasons why you should choose a laser cutting service for your project.

Lower Costs

Compared to other cutting machines, using sheet metal laser cutting machines is highly cost-effective. There will be significantly less labour costs due to these machines being automated and requiring fewer workers to operate.

As lasers will not get dull or worn out like other cutting tools do, they don’t need to be changed over during the sheet metal laser cutting process. This helps to improve productivity and cause fewer interruptions, meaning costs will be lower.

Improved Speed and Efficiency

As lasers can be set to various cutting speeds, as per the specifications of the parts being cut, they can cut through materials very fast. Since laser cutter machines can be set to operate overnight when machinists aren’t on shift, this can increase the overall efficiency of the laser cutting process and therefore get the work done faster compared to other cutting processes.

High Precision

Laser cutting stainless steel sheets is highly recommended as the cuts will be highly accurate. Laser cutters can create small cuts, tight tolerances, and smooth, sharp and clean curves and edges. If intricate cuts are required, laser cutters are recommended to achieve this. These machines produce little to no burring due to the laser melting the material instead of cutting it.

High Versatility

Laser cutters can be used to cut many different types of metals, making it perfect for laser cutting stainless steel sheets, aluminium alloy, titanium and more. They’re capable of handling tight tolerances and intricate designs and they work very fast to ensure your project is completed on time with minimal disruption.

Enquire About Our Laser Cutting Service

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